EB-5 流程




Joseph E.

1 审查


2  认购


3 汇出资金


4  文案准备


5 审查申请文件

绿卡基金提供I-526申请的免费文件终审。 绿卡基金聘用的第三方终审律师会在48小时内完成并反馈针对申请个案的修改意见。

6  递案


7 领馆面签


8  入境美国


9 证明


10  收到永久绿卡


*注:如果当前投资人凭借合格签证已经身处美国,则他(她)有资格申报I-485表在美国调整身份,而不再需要领馆面签。 .

1. Due Diligence:

Solid check of project fundamentals, credentials

2. Accredited Investor Quiestionnaire (AIQ):

Required to fill out prior review of project documents and 30 days before subscription signature.

3. Review Project Offering Documents:

Business Plan
Economic Study
Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)
Subscription Agreement
Escrow Instructions
Limited Partnership Agreement
Project Operating Agreement
TEA Designation

4. Sign Subscription Agreement:

Officially considers the investor to be a project participant

1. EB-5 Capital Investment:

Investment of 500,000 USD wired to specific EB-5 project escrow account.
All wires are securely confirmed by bank transfers receipts and confirmation of funds letter.

2. Project Administration Fee:

Covers Green Card Fund project offering cost.
All wires are securely confirmed by bank transfers receipts and confirmation of funds letter.

3. Fund Wiring:

Wiring instructions will be provided by Green card Fund.
Instructions are mandatory to proof path of funds towards immigration authorities.

1. Prepare application (I-526)

The immigrant petition by alien entrepreneur (i-526) is the official application document submitted to the US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS)
The I-526 will be prepared by an immigration attorney chosen by the investor.
Financial and personal documentation of the investor will be completed by the project documents provided by Green Card Fund.

2. Green Card Fund Legal Review

Unique to the industry Green Card Fund provides a complimentary legal review of all I-526 documentation before filing.
An important step to guarantee a flawless approval procedure and 100% approval rate of Green Card Fund investors (by 6/2015)

3. I-526 Submission

Submitting the I-526 documentation to USCIS kicks off the official timeline of the immigration process

1. I-526 Approval

Prior to the approval the authorities may send a request of evidence form (I-797a) with additional questions about the application. The questions can be related to personal documents, source of fund or the project itself.
This indicates progress in the approval process. A professional and appropriate response will improve lead times.
Accepting response on RFE the authorities use to approve the application (I-797)

2. Consular Interview

Approving the application USCIS hands over the process to the US State Department.
Foreign applicants are obliged to do a consular interview at a US Consulate in their home country. Green Card Fund thoroughly prepares the investor for this important appointment.

3. Conditional Green Card

After a successful interview a conditional Green Card is issued.
This temporary card is valid for two years.

1. Remove conditions

This petition by entrepreneur to remove conditions (I829) will be prepared by the regional center and the immigration lawyer.
The petition will be filed 21-24 months after the conditional Green Card was granted.
With the I-829 the applicant verifies that all funds have been invested and employment requirements have been met.
Green Card Fund leads the work on providing documentation and filing and provides the immigration attorney with the filing package.

2. Permanent Green Card

When conditional status has been lifted, full resident status is granted and a permanent Green card is issued.